An Assessment On Employees Perception Towards The Sourcing Practice In The Case Of Zamra Construction Plc

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Addis Ababa University


As the company is performing in this dynamic and booming industry entertaining fierce competition with other similar organizations in the country having well planned and organized sourcing practice could be taken as a key strategic advantage so as to win competitor. And this study is conducted in attempt to access the sourcing practice that aid the implementation of cost effective and efficient sourcing activity both from local and international markets in terms of sourcing planning, sourcing performance management, supplier selection and related procurement activities carried on in the company. Due to the limited number of population which is less than 100 individuals, the study had employed census survey and a total of 68 questionnaires were distributed and used as the formal instrument of data collection but 53 of them were filled and returned which made the response rate about 77.94 % and of which all of them were found complete and hence qualified for being processed. The study findings have suggested that the sourcing practices is there but not well done in the case of Zamra construction plc. And as the perceived evaluation of the respondents show it has also revealed that, though all of the above mentioned dimensions of sourcing practices have statistically significant positive relationship with the overall operational performance and profitability of the company. Therefore it is recommended that Zamra construction plc should review its existing sourcing practices and make the necessary modifications and improvements on the sourcing planning, sourcing performance management, supplier selection and the procurement activities in order to benefit from implementing well organized sourcing practice in terms of improved quality, delivery time, reduced cost of goods and services and enhance the satisfaction of clients and internal customers.



sourcing performance management, organized sourcing practice, company is performing