A Study on the Interpersonal Relationships Among Michew Athletics Training Center Athletes

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study is to examine the interpersonal relationships among Michew athletics training center athlete. The study involved thirty five athletes, one head coach and one general manager of the training center. The major instruments in this study were questionnaire, interview, and field observation. The questionnaires were administered for both athletes and the coach of the training center. The questionnaire contained 25 items for athletes, and 10 items for the coach to consolidate the information obtained from the questionnaire, structured interview was conducted with the general manager of the training center and field observation was used. A key finding related to among the athletes and athletes’ interpersonal relationship, the majority of athletes responded that there is a mutual respect and freely communication between the athletes. Athletes however, have not well communication with their management of the training center. I n addition athletes agree with their coaches on treats equally and fairly to athletes. In conclusion, coach- athlete interaction immediately prior to performance arefocused on the optimal mental and physical preparation, athletes’ mental readiness and game focus, positive reinforcement of team plan/strategies, team cohesion, and coach preparation. Coach- athlete interactions were focused on motivation, confidence, positive reinforcement, and game focus. Importantly, coaches needed to be aware of all aspects of their athlete behavior and personality in order to be an effective coach. Hence, the researcher recommends relation to the interpersonal relationships of the athletes it is important to have freely and open communication among each other. Key words Athletes, Coach, Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Team cohesion, Training center



Athletes; Coach; Interpersonal relationship; Communication; Team cohesion; Training center