Assessing Factors Affecting The Success Of Ict Project Implementation In Public Sectors: The Case Of City Government Of Addis Ababa (Cgaa

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Addis Ababa University


are increasingly becoming reliant on Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a tool to deliver service efficiently and effectively to their citizens. Accordingly, public organizations are investing on ICT to implement it successfully for service delivery. ICT project implementation success is considered as good news within many organizations. Over the past decade organizations have begun to realise the increasing importance and potential of exploiting ICT to gain competitive advantage in their particular organization. Organizations have consequently pushed for the implementation of robust ICT solutions not only to facilitate crucial decision-making processes, and to improve overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness as well. These ICT solutions are deployed via implementing ICT projects. One of such organization that currently investing on ICT project implementation is City Government of Addis Ababa (CGAA) public sector organizations. The CGAA public organizations have implemented a lot of ICT projects. The aim of the research study was to assess ICT project implementation success factors and challenges for improvement of the ICT project implementation. Qualitative research method was used in this research by using semi structured interviews, document reviews and participatory observation in the data analysis themes, categories and subcategories were identified. The result of the study was the identification of project success factors and challenges that contributes ICT project implementation success. The study identified the success factors like top management support, proper planning, good project selection and justification, client/user involvements, project resource allocation, communication, vendor capacity and knowledge transfer as success factors. Challenges were government bureaucracies, organization related and human related problems were identified during study. The study developed a framework that guide successful implementation of ICT projects. This study proposed a framework to overcome the main issues related to ICT project implementation and challenges. In general, ICT project implementation in public sector organization tend to complete behind schedule, indicating shortfall in various project factors. This research will be beneficial to CGAA public sector organizations to increase their awareness and knowledge to implement successful ICT project and exploit benefit of ICT in service delivery.



ICT project implementation, success factors, project success, challenges, public sector