The Impact of Urban Development on Gelan Town

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Addis Ababa University


This research explores the impact of development on the inhabitants of Gelan town which is located 25 Km southeastern of Addis Ababa. Social, cultural and economic impacts which are brought about by „industrial‟ development and additional public development projects of the area are explored. In Addition the study also explores how the local residences adapt and resist the current change. Data were collected through interviews with local residents and observation around the study setting. Gelan is undergoing a major transformation in social, cultural and economic changes due to the development dynamics which include industrialization, highway road construction, hotels, residential development and other formal and informal businesses undertakings. Consequently, the local inhabitant‟s social relations and networks, cultural practices and economic lives are affected directly and indirectly. This paper, based on a 2 month fieldwork, describes the positive and negative impacts of development on the inhabitants of Gelan Town



Urban Development