Factors Affecting the Export Performance of the Garment and Textile Industry, in the Case of Arvind Lifestyle Apparel Manufacturing Plc

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed to examine factors affecting the export performance in the industry of garment and textile, in the case of Arvind lifestyle apparel manufacturing plc. Researcher used a quantitative research along with descriptive & Explanatory approaches. A conceptual model was constructed, and hypotheses were developed and evaluated after examining previous related literatures. Researcher used questionnaire to collect data with 75% response rate. The collected questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS. Accordingly, variation outcome showed 72 % was registered as regression of all the predictor variables on performance of Export. No existence of Multi- Collinearity among the predictors and export performance. Thus, policy and regulation, as well as product quality, have a positive & statistically significant impact on export performance. Even if there is a positive relationship with Management Characteristics & Export Market Knowledge on export performance, its effect was not proven statistically significant. Export performance was highly influenced by policy and regulation, and product quality. Management Characteristics & Export Market Knowledge did not show a statistically significant effect. Consequently, Arvind lifestyle apparel manufacturing plc could consider Policy and regulation and product quality as Policy and regulation and product quality as their focus area to get a better export performance and gain competitive edge over the export market



Textile, Garment, Export