Comparative Analysis On Enviromental Conservation Issues: The News Coverage Aspects At Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation /Ebc/ And Fana Broad Casting Corporate /FBC/

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this research was to investigate the comparative analysis on environmental conservation issue the news coverage aspects at Ethiopian Broad Casting Corporation /EBC/ and Fana Broad-Casting Corporate /FBC/ Agenda setting and framing were used as theoretical frameworks of the research . By collecting five month news stories data, from two broad-casting media outlets that the study was conducted Data used for the study was extracted from a total of 487 sample news editions (260 from Ethiopian broad-casting corporation /EBC/ and 227 also from fana broad-casting corporate /FBC/ media outlet). From this 18 and 22 respectively found under environmental issue and the final mini disparate classification 3 and 4 respectively found in environmental conservation stories. The news editions were selected by using sampling techniques. Both of content analysis, in-depth interview and document analysis methods have been used in the research. Content analysis was made on sample news editions to gather quantitative data indicate with the amount and quality of environmental conservation news coverage by the selected media outlets. In addition to this, in-depth interviews were also taken from editors and journalists who were frequently assigned to cover environmental conservation issues. The research revealed that environmental conservation news stories were not given priority in the daily news stories of both broad-caste media outlets. Both Ethiopian Broad-casting Corporation /EBC/and Fana Broad-Casting Corporate/FBC/ was found to give more coverage to political, economic and social issue than to environmental conservation stories. Most of the environmental conservation stories from the news order it comes at almost the last placement its indicates that less attention is giving to the issue. Whereas The Political issue mostly comes at the head line or after headline meant the 1st news from both media outlets used. Even though based on these findings some pertinent recommendation have been made.



Fana Broad-Casting Corporate,Environmental Conservation