Surgical Patients Satisfaction with Periopeative Nursing Care and its Associated Factors at Public Teaching Hospitals, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia,2021.

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Addis Ababa University


Patient satisfaction, identified as the achievement or fulfillment of a person's expectations froma service, is one of the most significant metrics for evaluating the quality of health care servicesin health settings and an indicator of healthcare quality. The purpose of this research was to assess the level of adult surgical patient satisfaction with perioperative nursing care and itsassociated factors at public teaching hospitals, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia, 2021. From February -March 2021, institution based cross-sectional study design with a quantitative approach wasused. A total of 302 surgical patients are selected from public teaching hospitals using random sampling technique and data were collected by face to face interview using structuredquestionnaire. Patient satisfaction was measured using a modified version of the LeidenPerioperative Care Satisfaction Questionnaire (LPPSQ), as well as socio-demographic andclinical data. Data was double-checked for accuracy and quality, then coded and entered intoEPI Info version 7, which was then exported to SPSS version 25.0. To classify variables that were correlated with the dependent variable, bivariate and multivariable logistic regressionmodels were used. P-values of < 0.05 were considered statistically significant analysis. A totalof 302 study subjects were participated making the response rate of 99%. The overall adult surgical patient satisfaction with perioperative nursing care was 65.6%. According to thefindings of this study, age of patients (P value = 0.01, AOR= 8.058), educational status (P value=0.00, AOR= 6.767), type of anesthesia (P value= 0.00, AOR= 4.753), postoperative pain (Pvalue =0.03, AOR= 2.995), and operated agree date and time (P value= 0.00, AOR= 5.370) were all found to be statistically significant predictors of adult surgical patient satisfaction level withperioperative nursing care in multivariate logistic regression analysis. In contrast to othersurveys conducted at home and abroad, the overall level of patient satisfaction with nursing care in this study was good. Patient satisfaction levels should be monitored on a regular basis and allresponsible bodies should work to improve patient satisfaction level.



Surgical Patient, Patient Satisfaction, Perioperative Nursing Care,