Evaluating the Applicability of SPC Tools- Control Charts: The Case of Ethiopia Plastic S.C.

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Managing quality has become the overall management function to assure that customer requirements are identified and met with satisfaction conforming to the requirements. Managers need to be aware that quality is the responsibility of everyone in the company. The quality inspector, unlike the traditional approach, is no longer a policeman who is there to detect nonconformities or prevent defects. Operators of the production floor are encouraged to monitor and take corrective action whenever necessary on their own operation by making use of statistical process control tools. Effective implementation of a quality assurance system in a firm requires use of appropriate statistical methods for monitoring conformance to specification starting from the raw materials to the final products. Traditional methods of analysis often provide delayed identification of nonconformance occurrence, placing quality of products at risk. The application of SPC techniques such as Shewhart control charts allows continuous real-time assessment to detect variations so that the process is maintained under a state of statistical control, and improvement action taken to further reduce variation.



Evaluating the Applicability, Ethiopia Plastic S.C