Neonatal Mortality in Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba university


Neonatal period, the period during the first 28 days carry one of the highest risk of death in the history of human life. The study aims to identify determinants of neonatal mortality in Ethiopia focusing on socioeconomic, demographic, nutritional and maternal health care seeking predictors. The study used data from the nationally representative 2011 EDHS. Information about 6,303 live-born neonates born within five years preceding the 2011 survey was examined. Both bivariate and multiple logistic regression statistical analyses were used to identify determinants of neonatal mortality in Ethiopia. The chance of neonatal mortality was significantly higher for: neonates born in Amhara (AOR=3.120; 95% CI: 1.288-7.558) and Benishangul-Gumuz (AOR=3.039; 95% CI: 1.242-7.438) regions compared to neonates born in Addis Ababa; neonates belonging to poor households (AOR =1.517; 95% CI: 1.139-2.021); neonates born to mothers in age the group 15-19 (AOR=4.106; 95% CI: 2.412-6.987); 1-4 ranked neonate (AOR=1.751; 95% CI: 1.318- 2.326 ); neonates born within shorter than < 24 months of the preceding birth (AOR=2.666; 95% CI: 2.003-2.549); large size neonates at birth (AOR=1.854; 95% CI: 1.423-2.415); neonates born to mothers who made no ANC visit during pregnancy (AOR=1.624; 95% CI: 0.458-0.851) and neonates delivered at health facilities (AOR=1.790; 95%CI: 1.249-2.564). The odds of neonatal mortality was significantly lower for single birth neonates (AOR=0.075; 95% CI: 0.051-0.109), neonates born in Dire Dawa (AOR=0.888; 95% CI: 0.319-2.469) and neonates born to mothers in the age group 20-34 (AOR=0.841; 95% CI: 0.620-1.141). The study concluded that public health interventions directed at reducing neonatal mortality in Ethiopia should give special attention to predictors which significantly influence neonatal mortality. Short birth interval neonates, child-bearing at early ages and antenatal care utilization should be taken into account when planning the interventions to reduce neonatal mortality in Ethiopia



Mortality in Ethiopia