The Impact of NGOs on child well-being through Child-Centered Community Development In Antsokia-Gemza Woreda: The Case of World Vision Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


These days child well -being is becoming a universal issue to many academicians, scholars, governments and international organizations since their basic needs are not being met. Most of the children do not have the best start and most of them suffer from war and violence, poverty and economic crises, and diseases including HIV/AIDs. This is also true to Ethiopia. Based on this fact, the study tries to assess the impact of World Vision Ethiopia on the well-being of children in the area of education and health through child centered community development in Antsokia-Gemeza Woreda. The study used household, sponsored children survey, focus group discussion, interviews, and collect data to be analyzed. The result shows that most of the community has benefited from the program in which sponsored children, the main source of fund, seems abandoned to have direct benefit from the program for the last four years. Therefore, the well-being of today's children as a whole and the coming generation can be changed if NGOs and other agencies keep their commitment and make the necessary investment in primary education and basic health services. These services have the power to pave a way for a lifetime of improved health and education and contribute to economic growth too.



Child-Centered Community