Assessment of Consumer Protection and Food Security in Addis Ababa: The Case of Merkato Area Food Shopping Centers

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Addis Ababa University


This paper assessed the practice consumer protection and Food security In Addis Ababa specially in Merkato area .This research followed random sample selection a cross sectional method, designed based on the primary data generating through survey of consumer situation and food security in Markato area, the legal and institutional set up for consumer protection. Accordingly, the activities of traders, consumers and regulatory bodies were investigated. The numbers of seller respondents were 123 out of which 111 were properly responded. On the other hand the numbers of consumer respondents were ISO of which 139 were properly responded. Thirteen food items that were selected in the study ,from these thirteen food items the consumers list Oil juice ,biscuits ,coffee ,butter and peanut butter as food items that are susceptible to deception and commonly they are commonly found in that way. From the trades side, Juice ,biscuit Peanut butter ,oil, coffee ,and butter are said to be more susceptible to deception. According to our laws the food items are required to have proper packaging and labeling but 60.4% of consumers said the food items do not have proper labeling and packaging. Further, 22.3% of consumers and 30.6% of traders said the labels are not written either in Amharic or English languages. This puts the right of consumers to get information in jeopardy. What is to be given special attention is that 78.4% of the consumers and 65.5 % of the traders do not know there are laws for consumer protection in the country. In connection to these significant mimber of consumers and traders in the area do not know their rights and duties. With respect to the regulatory agencies efficiency on food quality and safety control, 68.4% of the traders and 72.4% of consumers agreed that the government should improve its efficiency on food quality and safety insurance. Key informants from the government and non-governmental institutions asserted that currently the government is working on its capacity to improve its efficacy on making sure that the food items have the appropriate quality and safety requirement of the cOlmtry .The movement of the government is witnessed by the establishment of Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority and the disintegration of the fonner QSAE in to four different institutions which in one or other ways improves consumer protection in the Country as well as in Addis Ababa. Key words: Consumer Protection, Food quality and safety, Food security, Merkato.



Consumer Protection, Food quality and safety, Food security, Merkato