The Influence of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives’ Competency & Personality on the Prescribing Decision of Doctors in Black Lion Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


In recent years, different multinational pharmaceutical companies have been joining the Ethiopian pharmaceutical market. This makes the competition amongst the companies become fester. As a result pharmaceutical companies have devised different strategies to earn bigger market share and secure their profitability. Of the strategies, recruiting Medical Sales Representatives is the most common mechanism of addressing their product to doctors. Thus, the competency and personality of pharmaceutical sales representatives could have a paramount of importance in creating good image in the eyes of physicians. Hence, this study tries to examine the effect of Pharmaceuticals Sales Representatives’ Competency and Personality on the prescribing decision of doctors in Black Lion Hospital. This study collected primary and secondary data from Physicians using five scale Likert type close ended questionnaire, and different literatures and institutions respectively. The questionnaire were distributed and collected from 132 Physicians that are serving in Black Lion Hospital. After the data collected, it is coded, edited and analyzed by SPSS version 23. The study applied explanatory and descriptive research method to explain and show the relationship between dependent and independent variables respectively. The findings show that Medical sales representatives lack knowledge about their product, incapable to present product features and benefits, lack knowledge about their companies’ vision and their promotional words are not attractive. The commitment and approach have a positive and significant effect on Medical Sales Representatives while skill, Grooming, personality and experience of Medical Sales Representatives have no effect on the prescribing decision of doctors. Based on the findings, the study commends the pharmaceutical companies have to provide trainings on products feature and presentation skills, enhance the commitment; apply proper dressing code, encourage to use appropriate words and give direction to use the right information to persuade doctors’ prescribing decision of medicine



Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Sales Representatives, Prescription