The Phonology of I nor: Phonological Processes

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Addis Ababa University


35 consonant phonemes, 8 vowels along with their long counterparts and two falling are recognized in Inor. The consonants /ɲ/ and /r/ do not occur word-initially. Sequences of two consonants are allowed word-initially, they also occur in word-medial and -final positions. Consonant clusters with more than two members are usually not permitted, except in the word ɁarβɁət ‘four’, in which three consonants are observed sequentially at word-medial position. In Inor, consonant gemmination is rare. Inor has a few allophonic consonants, such as [n, r, r,̃ j] are allophones of /n/ and [j, ɲ] as allophones of /ɲ/. With regard to vowels, /u/ does not occur at word initially; /ɛ/ does not occur wordinitially and -finally. The remaining vowels occur everywhere. The processes that are identified in Inor phonology are labialization, palatalization, nasalization, spirantization, glottalization, voicing, and metathesis with regard to consonants and rounding, lengthening, rising, and backing with regard to vowels.



phonemes, 8 vowels along with their long counterparts