Assessment of Quality management practices in construction projects: the case of AACRA

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Addis Ababa University


This study was mainly set out with a general purpose to assess the quality management practices and major quality management challenges in road construction projects at AACRA. To achieve its objective, the study employed both descriptive and explanatory research and both primary and secondary data were used. Questionnaires, interview, and document review were, therefore, used as data collection tools. Furthermore, it employed purposive sampling techniques to draw its samples. The survey questionnaire was designed based on the literature and on the information collected through the document review of the project. The survey questionnaire was distributed to 60 project implementation team members who were selected purposively among them 55 respondents were responded, which represented a response rate of 91.67%. The data gathered through the questionnaire was analyzed by Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The generated data was analyzed using tables, frequency, percentage, and multiple regression approaches. The result of the study indicated that AACRA does not employ all stages of quality management process, tools and techniques. Since they use only Inspection are found to be the major quality management tools and techniques used to control quality of project. Qualified and experiences personnel, top management support, communication with stakeholders, quality of materials and equipments used in the project construction and conformance to specification are identified as the top factors in the determinant of the quality of road construction projects. In the study it is examined that various quality assurance measures were taken starting from defining project objectives and to monitoring and the tasks that were carried out mostly in monthly, quarterly monitoring at specified level with management members involvement. It was also identified that some barriers of quality management; inadequate management support, problems with contractors performance, unrealistic deadline, lack of quality management policy, and right of way were the major once. The study also recommended that AACRA to have separate quality management policy in order to undertake complete project quality management process, enhance management involvement, capacity building on project management skills for successful implementation of road construction



Quality, Quality management, Quality management process, top management commitment