The Practice and Challenges of Motivating Teachers by the Principals of Secondary Schools of Kirkos Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to explore the practice and challenges of motivating teachers by principals in secondary schools of in Kirkos sub city. To accomplish this purpose, the study employed a descriptive survey design. The study was carried out in four secondary schools of Kirkos sub city. A total of 156 individuals have participated in the study. Among them100 teachers were included as a sample selected through simple random sampling technique, especially lottery method. Additionally, 56 general secondary school management team members were included through available sampling technique. Questionnaire and interviews were the main instruments of data collection. The study employed a five-point likert type questionnaire. Principal’s practices of motivating teachers were identified as the independent variables and the level of motivation and satisfaction of teachers treated as the dependent variable. The questionnaires on communication, decision-making and motivation challenge, participation in the process and principals motivation were used to measure the motivation practiced by principals. The analysis of the quantitative data was carried out by using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviation and independent T test. The finding indicate that there is no statically significance difference between the mean responses of both teachers and principals for practice related to motivation (t=0.102) (Sign at 0.05 level). Principals were affected by personal social and other related challenges not to perform the motivation process. In addition to this the strategies designed for motivating teachers were not designed in collaborative manner with teachers and principals who in turn create discomfort on the process. In general, one would conclude, that principals were not motivating teachers in the secondary schools of Kirkos sub city. Thus teachers have not been performing to the expectation, because of the poor motivation process conducted in the school. Based on the findings, it is recommended that the principals of general secondary schools should develop a strategy to create awareness on teachers’ motivation process and the motivation process is not only material oriented. The discouraging process in the school has to be modified like participation in decision making. The principals have to take measure on misbehaving students effectively and other recommendations were made.



Challenges of Motivating Schools