Birth to pregnancy interval and its effect on perinatal outcomes in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Abeba University


Back ground- Study findings on inter-pregnancy interval and birth outcome looks contradictory. Some report that it is a risk factor for adverse perinatal outcomes while others say it has no association. Still, there is no agreed time period (interval) recommended best for the good outcome of pregnancy. Objective - To assess birth to pregnancy interval and its effect on perinatal outcomes in Addis Ababa. Methods- Cross sectional study on a sample of 1339 mothers who deliver on health facilities in Addis Ababa is done. Mothers in each health facility are included in the study consecutively, until the required sample is achieved. Health facilities have been selected by simple random sampling after being stratified into three strata (Governmental hospital, governmental health center and private clinic/hospital). Data was collected using questionnaire and doing measurements. Data was processed and analyzed using EPI Info and SPSS computer soft wares. Univariate and bi variate analysis is employed. Result- the rate of preterm, LBW and still birth was 7.1%, 5.6% and 3.1% respectively. The mean birth to pregnancy interval was 45.9+ 27.3 months (95% CI 44.4, 47.3) and birth to pregnancy interval has no effect to poor perinatal outcome. Recommendations- further study on the effects of birth to pregnancy interval to other perinatal outcomes and maternal well being has to be conducted.



Birth ,Pregnancy interval