The Influence Of Logistic Management On Service Quality Effectiveness And Customer Satisfaction A Case Of Addis International Bank

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis paper makes an investigation on the influence of logistic management on the service quality effectiveness and customer satisfaction in a case of Addis international bank. The main objective of this paper is to assess the extent of logistic management practice in Addis international bank, to determine the influence of logistic management practice on service quality effectiveness and to measure the extent of the bank’s service quality and customer satisfaction using the five service quality dimensions of SERVQUAL model. In order to undertake this research, a sample size of 99 customers and the whole employee (i.e. 42) of the human resource and facility management department of Addis international bank were taken. Primary type of data was collected with the help of questionnaires. Additionally, secondary data was also gathered using previous research works in the sector and different documents. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS version 20 correlations and liner regression in order to examine the relationship between the logistics management practice and the bank service quality and customer satisfaction. Finally the research comes up with the following findings. There is a positive statistical relationship between logistic management and service quality of the bank however the strength of the relationship is weak. The evidence from this study indicates that Addis international bank has a problem of Service quality and customer satisfaction. The main reason behind this poor performance was not related to the logistics management practice as it evidenced form the research finding the extent of the bank logistic management shows a positive result that the bank have good logistic management practices. Therefore the research recommended that the bank should make further research regarding to logistic management practice, the factors of customer satisfaction and service quality with incorporating other variables and with expanding the scope



Logistic Management Practice, Service Quality Effectiveness, customer satisfaction