Study and Documentation of the Awura Amba Community Life Style and Identity

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Addis Ababa University


The wide world is said to be becoming a district or village through globalization. Regardless of race, religion and level of civilization, people of the world are in the way to be one nation. The improvement in the means of communication, transportation and trade relationship facilitate the way towards globalization. Individuals' day to day life has been influenced by their surroundings. Nations and nationalities are being flooded by imported and imitated material and non material culture. International Medias, websites and newspapers help to communicate individuals in the same way. Nations and nationalities are running to have similar economic political and may be religious culture. Opposite to the above idea a new community has emerged 111 Ethiopia, with its own philosophy of life style. This community was founded by a person called Zumra uru 111 Amhara regional state South Gonder zone Fogera district in a village named is Awura Amba. Zumra paid a vital role to create and shape the Awura Amba's identity in a way that possible and acceptable by individuals inside and outside the community. In 1972 G.C Zumra founded Awura Amba as a new community with his followers. These people have their own way of life style: work habit, belief, gender equality housekeeping guiding principles and administrative rules. There are two main entities in A wura Amba, the 'community' and "society". The way they stand to overcome different economic political religious and cultural crises pushed me to study this community. To achieve the objectives interview, observation and audiovisuals method were used The number of Awura Amba community is small in number. For example, when they establish this community they were 19. Now the number increased to 412 gradually. Moreover the number of elders smaller than the others. This put the society in danger that if they encounter any danger, their socio-cultural life will be disappeared. Whether they do not teach their culture for their children, it seems to be they are endangered. Fortunately, the Awura Amba community has discussion stage among themselves to share their life style. Further more, if tourists or scholars come to their land, or if they get stage wherever, they promote their life style every day.