Determination of Transfer Coefficient through Mean Exit Time Method for Model Potentials

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Addis Ababa University


The electrochemical oxidation of the Activated Complex (AC) has shown very low ( 0:1) values of Anodic Transfer Coe±cient (ATC) for conducting polymers such as Polypyrrole and Polyaniline [2-5] a particular model potential barrier. In order to explain the cause for such low values of ATC, Aoki used a speci¯c potential hill to estimate such low value for the ATC. He used Langevin dynamics to describe the motion of the AC. In our present work, using the method of ¯nding mean exit time, we are able to get expressions of the ATC for three model potential hills where one of the model we took is approximately that of Aoki's potential hill. Depending on the parameters of the model potentials, we have explored the conditions under which the ATC value goes from 0:5 to as small as 0:1 or less. Eventhough, the method we used to get the expression for the ATC is completely di®erent from that used by Aoki, we are able to get very low values of ATC under highly asymmetric conditions of the model potential hills



Determination of Transfer Coefficient