Some Statistical Measures of Regional Variation in Socioeconomic Performance the Etllopian Setting

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Addis Abeba university


This study focused on the variation in the regional distribution of some socioeconomic services in Ethiopia. The paper also attempts to compare different natures of regional variation which were obtained on the basis of socioeconomic data for the year 1979 with the natures of regional variation obtained on the data of the same sort for the year 1989 . Some uni-variate descriptive measures and a multivariate method called cluster analysis were used to study the variation among regions. The six clustering procedures that are generated by a common algorithm [ Wishart (1969») were applied to investigate the natures of regional disparities in their socioeconomic status for the year 1979 and the year 1989. Different natures of regional variation for changes in socioeconomic characteristics of regions were also studied by applying six clustering procedures on the ratios the characteristics of regions in the year 1989 to that of the year 1979 Some conclusions were drawn on the basis of regional characteristics considered. Recommendations were also made to indicate some possibilities for future work in the area



Performance the Etllopian Setting