Study of Perceptions of A.A. Diocese Members on Communication Practice of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, (EOTC)

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Addis Ababa University


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is one of the ancient and numerically the largest of the five Oriental Orthodox Churches and the church as an organization has a day to day communication with different publics which are affected directly or indirectly. As participant of different social and developmental actors the church do have connection with local and international publics and many Medias focuses on the heritages and rituals of the church. To this end this study focused at how the church members perceive about the PR practice of EOTC in the professionalization endeavor of the country PR. In addition, the institutional set up of EOTC in regard to PR and the strength and weakness of communication strategy and practice the church has and how the church address its publics with the Strategies EOTC follow to reach its publics were also assessed in Addis Abeba diocese by applying qualitative data. The study prevails the church has PR tradition that basis from the Holy bible and it can be generalized that research participants perceive EOTC has great impact in the PR endeavor of the country and can play paramount importance if modernizing its PR in line with Ethiopian socio-cultural and economic development