Classroom Management Practices in Some Selected Preparatory Schools in Central Zone of Tigray Region

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to identify classroom management practice in four preparatory schools of central zone of Tigray region. Descriptive survey method was employed to conduct the study. A total of 208 respondents participated as the source of data. Included are 120 teachers, 80 students, 4 principals and 4 supervisors all involved in the study. Questionnaires, classroom observation and focus group discussion were used as data gathering tools. The collected data were analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The findings of the study revealed that teachers were not effective in employing classroom management components such as applying classroom rules ,motivating learners, organizing students for various instructional tasks, monitoring and providing feedbacks. Besides, some major problems that affect the implementation of classroom management were also found, which include: inadequacy of instructional resources, facilities, lack of conducive classrooms, failure to know the background of the learners and disciplinary problems. Thus, to solve the above problems recommendations were forwarde: Providing training, allocating necessary resources adequately and mobilizing the community and governmental organizations.



Classroom Management Practices, in Some Selected