The Effect of Physical Fitness Training on the Performance of Premier League Football Players. The Case of Hawassa Kenema Football Club Players

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Addis Abeba university


The aim of this study is to assess the effects of physical fitness training on the performance of premier league football players. A descriptive survey study was conducted on 25 football players .The data were collected by means of questionnaire, observation and filed test. The data obtained through questionnaire and tests were analyzed by using percentages and frequency by using percentages and frequency . The test used in this study consists of standing long jumps, 30 meter sped test push up, sit up, Illinois agility test, 30 meter fatigue test, sit and reach test and 1.5 mile (2414 meter )Vo2max test are conducted. The funding should that in explosive power test most of the players result were poor and fair in speed and agility test the majority of the players results fair and average within the given norms and aerobic endurance Vo2 test result showed that when comparing team players with professional and semi professional I all playing position players have lower Vo2 max. From the findings the researcher recommends that to develop fitness level of players a coach should used scientific method of fitness training and test. Key Words – , Effect, Fitness, Football Performance, Test, Training



Effect; Fitness; Football Performance;Test; Training