Challenges of Universal Primary Education in Western Hararge Zone

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Addis Ababa University


I he main pu rpllse ui' this stud) lias to examine the challcnges to prim ary education (grades 1-8) that II auld constrilint the achicl'cment or Unive rsal Primary Education (U PEl by the year 20 15 by tkc reasing cnrollment to schooL and increasi ng dropouts and repeti tion of the students. The research des ign used was descripti ve survey method as th is would enable to assess the prevail ing challenges and developing trends. Percentages and means were used as the stati stical tools to analyze the quantitative da ta. Bes ides. qualitative analys is was used for da ta that lend themselves to bc analyzcd b) this method. For attaining the purpose the study. lo ur weredas and one tall n ad ministrat ion II ith the sample primary schoo ls were selec ted by loltery method. The subjects or the study: primary schoo l teachers. wereela and zonal education offi cers were se lec ted by judgmental sam pl ing tec hnique. The schoo l pr incipals were selecteel by ava il ability sampling whereas the prim aryschoo l students and parents of chil dren were se lected by quota and snowbal l sampling techniques respectively. To achieve the objective of the study. questi onnai res were cldl11inis tered and intcn iell's IIWC conducted with the s<lmpled subjects that lIe re taught to hal e pl"ll.\il11itl· tll the' problem unde'r inl'est igat ion. Bes ides. releva nt doc uments were ex trac ted 101' inl'cstigatio n. r'h~ data collectedlVcre analyzed and the fi ndings indi cated that in sc hool and out of sc hool chal lenges to the pri mary schools and issues related with Special Needs Education were lound to haversack in increasing non-enrollment of children to schools, dropout and repetition of' students. These had direct influence in that th e challenges would obstruct the uni versa lization of Primary Education in Western I-I ar