The Effect of HIV / AIDS on Children: The Case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This tudyall mpts t ex pl ain h w the li ving nd it i ns f ehil dr n In emen Mazegaja and Ko lfe areas of ;\ddi ;\ baba arc a ffe ted and h \. they cope with the situ ation, In the rroe ss, it tri t identify factors a G tin th e e pin f ;\ 11) affected children with their inni t d probl em ', ocial ca pital and ava il ab le ca re ptions ar among the factors identifi ed , urknowledge fth e chil dren, on id erin ' th ffect f III V/A ID as well us the. trat i . and fa t rs (social apital, tradit ion of orph an ca re, ex ternal a ' ncy based interventi on , etc.) used to e p with th eir situati on, enables us t und rstand th eir need. and pri riti as well a pt nti al in di ,enous asp cts th at work for th ir well bein " The findin 's f the fi Idwork, in whi ch diffe rent I' . ea rch m thods wer appli ed, revea l that va ri us and interrelated pI' blems are inni et I up n ;\ II)S afG et cI children as th result of I II V//\ 11) . , Il owever, ;\11). affect I hildr n of different a e, en leI', orph an , statu s, res idence ettin s, h useh lei economic statu , and family social network tren lth enj oyed social capital unequall y, anel faced different probl m wi th different severity. These children empl oyed different trate ,i es, but not in all case, to c pe with their problem , in wh ich c ml11unity re ource , individu al learnt experi ences, economic ac ti viti es of the community, and thc chil dren's social capital were the bas is for the va rious copin g strategies res pecti ve to the strategie empl oyed. The oth er outcome of the tudy is th at the local traditi on of orphan care, particul arly the trad iti on of fostering orphans prim arily within the ex tend ed family proved to be essenti al in ass isting ;\ IDS orphans with their various needs. Although the impacts of HIV/AIDS weakened the social ca pital of the communities under study both at the household and community level, AIDS orphans from households with stron g social capital operating through their relati onships with ex tended kin, community members, and informal and formal community organi zations were able to receive care a well as pool resources. Moreover the inve tigation howed that external agency based interventions, although their numerous limitat ions and diffi cultie were identifi ed, \ ere of a istance to AIDS



The Effect of HIV / AIDS on Children