The Effects Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction: The Case Of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Import

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to measure the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in relation to Ethiopian airlines cargo import section. The study has used the SERVQUAL model of service quality with the application of the five service quality dimensions. This five dimensions of service quality which were developed by Parasuraman namely tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy where used to measure the level of customers satisfaction in Ethiopian airlines cargo import section. The study use quantitative approach and done different correlation and regression analysis tools. This research is both descriptive and explanatory type research. Both primary and secondary methods of data collection are applied and questioner is used as a source of secondary data. From the total population of 420 a sample of 364 respondents was selected using a probabilistic sampling technique which is proportional stratified sampling. Both descriptive and inferential statistics have been used to find mean score and to test hypothesis and to investigate research problem, objectives and questions. According to the findings of the study all the five dimensions of service quality have shown a significant positive effect on customer satisfaction. The findings of the regression analysis indicate that empathy and tangibility have the largest impact on customer satisfaction. Person correlation analysis was conducted to examine the relationship between service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction and the results shows that all the five dimensions of service quality have a strong positive relationship with customer satisfaction. Though all the five dimensions are significant, empathy and tangibility are the first two dimensions of service quality that have a strong and positive significant impact on customer satisfaction. Accordingly Ethiopian airlines cargo section needs to give more emphasis and due attention to empathy and tangibility dimensions of service quality to improve the level of customer satisfaction



service quality, customer satisfaction, SERVQUAL