Investigation of the Challenges of Inter-Organizational Communication Beteween Addis Ababa City Roads Authority and Water and Sewerage Authority

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The increase in the complexity of societal problems that even a large actor cannot solve alone has caused pressure on many sectors, organizations and entities making the need for collaboration to be more urgent. This is because collaboration enables merging financial and human resources, and expertise needed to tackle complex problems. However, the increased failure of inter-organizational communication requests greater consideration and investigation of the challenges in inter-organizational communication. The purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges in inter-organizational communication at management and employee level in the two selective governmental organizations. To fulfill this purpose, inter-organizational communication towards Addis Ababa City Roads and Water and Sewerage Authority was used as a case study. The empirical data also showed that there are challenges in both the management and employee level in inter organizational communication. Some of these challenges are similar for both levels in the two selective governmental organizations while others are different. Further, the study also found that political influence is a major challenge in inter-organizational communication. The study makes a contribution to the adaptation of the Thomson and Perry (2006), model of inter-organizational communication process. The adapted model in the study serves to enlighten communicators that challenges in inter-organizational communication are inter-linked.



Inter-organizational collaboration, collaboration process, Management level, employee leve