Historical Relationships Between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia From 1930s To 1991

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of the study was to explore the continuities and changes in the political, socio-cultural and economic relationship between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the study aimed at assessing good relations for a long time. To this end, explanatory research design of qualitative research and historical document analysis methods were employed. Interview, the historical records of documents in Macca, in Addis Ababa, Sheriff Harar City Museum in Harar, and group discussions were conducted in order to collect primary data. Interviewers that work with Saudi Arabia governmental organization and Ethiopia governmental organization, studies in Saudi Arabia and people who had graduated from Saudi Arabia were selected. On the other hand, secondary sources were used to explain and prove the primary resources data. The significant findings of the study signified that despite the fact that in the fluctuations in the relations emerged from time to time, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia carried on friendly the relationships. The other finding demonstrated that high level visits, of both governments have positive effects. For instance, after paying official visits, many agreements in the field of trade, investment, culture, tourism were signed. The situation effect on the relations especially economic relationships gained momentum. They also trigger not only the great political affairs but also friendly socio-cultural relations between the societies of both countries. Furthermore, the study found that Saudi Arabia drama and students who study in Saudi Arabia or graduated from Saudi Arabia contribute to cultural relations between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia public to introduce their culture to another refinement. Saudi governmental organizations found in Ethiopia also impact on all relations between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia. Because they provide job opportunities and humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia people.



Historical Relationships between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia from 1930s To 1991