Impacts of HIV/AIDS project on Livelihoods and Food Security in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Urban poverty is a widely and deep-rooted problem in both large and small cities of Ethiopian urban areas. Focus on people living below the poverty line, and livelihood support aims to diversify and improve household level income in the long run considered as core principles for reducing vulnerability and poverty, and promoting more productive livelihoods. Therefore, Economic Strengthening (ES) intervention were implemented under Urban HIV and AIDS and Nutrition and Food Security (UHANFS) project towns, where Dessie city became the one to be covered by the program; and also purposefully selected for this evaluative study. The major objective of this research was to assess effectiveness of the ES intervention towards achieving food security and poverty reduction of its project participants. To conduct the study, from total 325 ES participants, 180 of them selected using Multistage systematic random sampling from project that already received full package of the intervention. The ES component of Urban HIV and AIDS Nutrition and Food Security Project (UHANFS) has the objective to help households impacted by HIV and AIDS promote their livelihood and achieve food security. PLHIV identified based on a set of criteria undergo a vulnerability assessment at the time they join the project. The assessment provides information on the status of PLHIV and the mode of economic assistance that should be provided for each target beneficiary To determine change on food security status, food consumption score (FCS) method was used as a tool to categorize by four FS status; and to assess status of poverty, poverty line against income per person per day using World Bank’s Purchasing-Power Parity (PPP) conversion was administered, which become 13.87 ETB as cut-off point



determine change on food security status, component of Urban HIV and AIDS Nutrition, conversion was administered