Effects Of 20/80 House Cost Increaments On Addis Ababa City Adminatrations: (The Case Of Yeka Sub- City)

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Addis Ababa University


Ababa governmental 20/80 housing programs: the case of Yeka Sub city. Study employed explanatory research design with both qualitative and quantitative data type. It employed multiple liner regressions to show up the effect of Condo-hosing cost increment. It concludes that a regression analysis results are presented in the result as shown in the model summary designates that (Supply Side Approach, Demand Side Approach model, Sites and Service Schemes model, guidance & assistance, Housing and Infrastructural, Housing Affordability explained 92.0 % of change in Housing Cost Increment. Specially, Demand Side Approach prototypical with financial liquidity problem increases to in increase defiantly increase level of Condo- housing cost increment in probability of coefficient interval of -.720 which mean that insisting -72 % per annual. So, study showed Demand Side Approach prototypical of financial liquidity problem can be designed in such a way that they only directly effect on housing users next to Sites and Service Schemes model, guidance & assistance knowledge problem defiantly increases level of Housing Cost Increment in probability affect users of -.500 which negatively that insisting by -50 % per annual. It advised that the most effective policies to protect the behavior of condo housing cost increment evasion and avoidance can be measured by the number of house hold divided by the total number of condo cost estimations and how the process was intensive also taken to consideration should be audit to protect levels of Housing Cost Increment



20/80 Housing, Cost Increment, Housing Development