Assesment of Damage of Buildings Constructed in Expansive Soil Areas of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The amount of damages caused by expansive soil is tremendously high and alarming. These damages are mainly dominated in light weight-engineering structures founded in expansive soils. These structures include lightweight buildings, roads, runways and buried utilities. The problem associated with expansive soils is not yet properly solved. It is important to assess buildings constructed in expansive soil areas in order to know the cause of failure. This helps in providing solutions for newly constructed buildings and to get remedial measures for those already damaged. Therefore, in this study an attempt was made to assess the damage that occurred on buildings that are constructed on expansive soil areas by taking ninety six randomly selected houses in the city of Addis Ababa. The houses are located in Bole, Olympia, Nifasilk, Lafto, Old Airport, Mekanisa, Gergi and Bole bulbula localities of the city. The study showed that 64 % of the houses suffered heavy damage, 8 % of the houses were slightly damaged and 28% of the houses showed no damage. Analysis was made to understand the cause, extent and type of damage that was observed in the houses. The damages that are observed are mainly caused by poor design, construction and non-controlled drainage. Detailed investigation was made for the Ethiopian Airlines maintenance hangar building which has shown pronounced failure in both the sub structure and the super structure Finally, conclusion and recommendations are made.



Geo-technical Engineering