Accessibility of Five Star Hotels and National Museum for Persons with Disabilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The issue of accessible tourism is an area which needs great focus from all sectors of tourism development, specifically in relation to persons with disabilities. We human incur some sort of disability in our lifetime, so we should think about making our tourist attraction areas and services very accessible for all segments of the people; because person with disability have the same desire and need to take part in leisure activities like others. This is why this exploratory study is very important in giving background information on the area, by assessing the accessibility of star hotels and museum for persons with disability found in Addis Ababa city. The sample was gathered through a snowballing technique from associations of disability. The study utilizes semi-structured interviews of 18 visitors with different impairment: 2 uses wheelchairs; 5 are crutches user; 5 are visual impaired 5 are hearing impaired and 1 has hand impairment and none disabled persons from services providers: Museum guide and director (2), front office supervisor (4), waiters (3) and receptionist (3). The data were subject to thematic content analysis and Interpreted by the social model of disability, the results suggest that none of the seven five star hotel was found fully accessible plus the aggregate result shows that the extent of accessibility is 51.1% and 27.9% of accessibility requirement has been found inaccessible at all and 15.6% were the requirement which are found in- partial condition and 5.4% of accessibility requirement has been found not applicable. Moreover accessibility is subjected to change of time, technology and people’s disability awareness. Contradictions were found between the service provider and users on the concept accessibility, all the respondents found the hotels inaccessible by appreciating the exiting inclusiveness however, the hotelier thought they have most accessible place for everyone. This study is limited to only five star hotels found in Addis Ababa and on Ethiopian National Museum. The paper recommended for hotel managers and for government bodies on ensuring the accessibility of specific physical, information and on policy and legal frame works. This study relays the genuine voice of people with disabilities. The findings have relevance to hospitality researchers, educators, executives, and hotel staff as background information. Keywords: Accessible Tourism, and Accessibility Audit, Five star Hotels, Museum