Applications of Web Based Construction Communication in Ethiopian Federal Road Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Due to fragmented nature of construction, real time communication is rarely possible requiring more efficiency and effectiveness in information exchange and decision making. Since an integral component of a construction process is accompanied by set of decisions, delay in response would lead to an integral component of delays in project execution accumulated over project life to an overall project cost and time overrun with possible loss in desired quality. Study application of Web Based Construction Communication aimed at assisting evidenced real time communication and decision making, information storage, retrieval, manipulation and transmission among project participants parallel to the paper based project communication scheme has been conducted using simple and user friendly web site designed to operate on locally used common browsers. Project information is collected from Ethiopia Roads Authority and imported to the database and file system designed for data storage and retrieval. The functionality of the website is then tested and found effective to enhance evidenced real time communication. Apart from serving as documentation and retrieval of project information, the website includes online discussions tools similar to forum type aimed for general discussion and RFI comment exchange. Project daily activity photographs and daily site records are uploaded to the site for display and comment by the parties. Therefore, the web based construction communication developed can help to have an evidenced real time communication for decision delivery and document management system to contribute to a way out of project overruns with competitive advantage in the complex construction industry. Keywords: construction project information management, real time communication, web based construction communication



Construction Project Information Management, Real Time Communication, Web Based Construction Communication