Tourism in Tanzania : A Prototy pe Information Support System

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Addis Ababa University


In this study an investigation of the existing information facilities in the tourism industry in Tanzania has been carried out. The study has revealed the weaknesses of this system and the observations have led to identify the possible means of improving and strengthening the existing information system . The use of questionnaires. interviews and discussions as well as the survey of available literature on tourism have revealed the information needs of different users in the tourism industry in Tanzania . Findings from the user groups are presented. Based on those findings computer-based information support system which is envisaged to be more efficient has been proposed. A prototype information containing several prototype databases has been designed using Micro -CDS/ ISIS. The system has been proposed to work on a Local Area Network (LAN) located at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and Environment in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is proposed that this system should in the long run be connected to various institutions and organizations related to tourism in the country. Measures for implementation and further improvement of the system are discussed. This system will presumably provide the kind of information products and services desired in the tourism industry in Tanzania.



Information Science