An Investigation in to the Government‘s Ban on Alcoholic Advertisements and Its Impacts on Marketing Strategies of Brewery Companies: A Case of Dashen Brewery Company

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Addis Ababa University


The success of a business depends on the marketing communication mix, or promotional mix, which includes advertising. Basically, this is responsible for offering a good or service and persuading the customer to buy it out of a sense of need or interest. Also, advertising helps to educate the target market about the product. Alcohol marketing and advertising in the media has been rigorously regulated and limited in Ethiopia. The effects of the ban on Brewing Company have not yet been researched. Consequently, the primary goal of this study is to investigate the effects of advertising restrictions on integrated marketing strategies for alcoholic beverages: a case study of Dashen beer factory. A qualitative research approach was used in this study. The marketing division and individuals in managerial positions at the Dashen Brewery sharing business make up the study's target demographic. Thematic analysis was employed after the data was translated and systematically coded segment by segment in accordance with the study questions. Amharic data was collected and translated word by word into English. It was then manually coded, grouped, and summarized under the main thematic domain. The prohibition on alcohol advertising has had a serious detrimental effect on new products. The restriction made it difficult for the business to attract new clients. To mitigate the effects of the prohibition, the business has been heavily training its employees, changing its focus to dealing with football teams (sponsorship), and maintaining quality to keep the former clients. Also, the general economic situation of the nation was one of the major marketing obstacles that influenced the capacity to invest in new clients, and these phenomena had an impact on the marketing situation. Focusing on other marketing aspects would therefore help to mitigate the damage. Focusing on other marketing aspects would therefore help to mitigate the damage. The government needs to research the effects of the prohibition on alcohol advertising and how it helps other nations. The corporation had to continue with various visible measures, such as social media marketing, sponsorship, social obligations, etc., in light of the findings. The study came to the conclusion that the prohibition on alcohol promotions had an effect on beer company marketing plans, either directly or indirectly. I consider Dashen's example in light of this research, but it also applies to other businesses in a similar industry. The sector's stakeholders should perform more research to better grasp its advantages and disadvantages. To aid in directing future decisions, this data should be put into a report.



Prohibition on Alcohol Promotions