Assessment Of Factors Causing Delay Of Construction Projects: Evidence From Construction Project Managers

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed major factors causing delay of construction projects implemented by Ethiopian private local Grade-1 and Grade-2 contractors from project manager’s evidences. Questionnaires were distributed to respondents who are purposively selected from project manager’s population in Grade 1 and Grade-2 local private contractors. The respondents were asked to rank the delay factors based on both frequency of occurrence and severity of impact. The questionnaire also enquires respondent’s experiences and number of projects executed vs delayed. Analysis of these data indicated that out of the total 108 projects executed 48 projects are delayed, this is 46% of the executed projects. This reveals prevalence of serious delay problems in the projects being executed .The top ranked delay factors were; delay of payment, design problem, delay of designs, Increase in price of materials and wage, limitation of considering contingency plans, limitations of leadership, limitations of communication, delay in decision making and commitment problems. It has recommended that future researches may study the issue in broader perspectives



Project, schedule, project manager, stakeholder, communication