Assessement of Prevalence and Out Come of Snake Bite Among Patients Attending at Abdurafie Town A Govrnmental Health Center and Msf (NGO‘S) North West;Gondar, Ethiopia,2014 Gc

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Addis Ababa University


Background:-Snake bite is found in worldwide that environmental and occupational hazard causes a potential life threatening medical emergency and, it needs high priority assessment and treatment. It is agreater burden in low and middle income country. Globally snakebites (envenoming‘s) is a substantial cause of mortality and morbidity across all age groups. The incidence has been estimated as 500,000 and mortality reaches up to 125,000. The largest numbers of fatal snakebites occur in South Asia and Africa. In South Asia, there are 30,000– 50,000 deaths each year and in India With approximately 10,000 deaths occurring snake bite per year(1). Objective:-To assess the prevalence and the outcomes of snakebite patients attending at Abdurafie town a governmental Health center and MSF Holland, From January 2011- December2014 GC. North West; Gondar,Ethiopia. Methods and materials:- Institutional based retrospective; descriptive, cross-sectional study design will be conducted at Abdurafie town Health facilities North West, Gondar, Ethiopia; from January 2011 to December 2014 . All Snake bite patients who fulfill inclusion criteria that complete medical record registrations and visited during the study period. Data were collected by using prepared observational checklist through reviewing of patient chart. The collected data were encoded to Microsoft Excel and analyzed( SPSS) version 20.0.Frequency were generated and used binary logistic regression and chi squaretest the association between categorical variables. RESULT:-Predominantly males 408/358 (87.7%) were as 12.3% females affected .Majority of the victims attacks at the age groups of 21-30 (48.8%); 94.6% Urban areas peoples who had predominantly affected. 283 (64.9%) and 74 (18.1 %) were bitten outdoors and bitten indoors respectively.The lower limb frequently bite 57.8%) followed by the upper limb 31.1%.Among those poisonous snake bite 86.0% were 69.9 % received polyvalent Anti snake venom (ASV).The incidence of snake bite patients and 17.6% were referred to higher hospital. high; majority 74.0% patients improved and discharged, The mortality rate of snake bite patients were very high 4.9%.However three case(0.3%) corrective finger amputations were done. Conclusion:-A high prevalence of snake bites with high morbidity and mortality especially among the very active fertile youth segment in Abdurafie town a governmental health center and MSF NGO‘S, North West; Gondar,Ethiopia. Key words:- prevalence ,Snake bite, anti snake venom, envenomation, squeals, Abdurafi Town



Prevalence; Snake bite; Anti snake venom; Envenomation; Squeals; Abdurafi Town.