Family Functioning, Peer Pressure and Aggression: In Some Selected High Schools in Shaggar City, Burayyu Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to examine the association among family functioning, peer pressure, and aggression in selected high schools in Shaggar City, Burayyu Administration. A sample consisting of 372 adolescents (225 females and147 males) ranging in age from 15 to 25 years was randomly selected from four schools through stratified random sampling and simple random sampling method. The participants responded to the Family Assessment Device (FAD), the Peer Pressure Scale and Modified Aggression Scale. Descriptive analysis (frequency, mean, and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (Pearson correlation, linear regression, independent t-test, and one-way ANOVA) were used to analyze quantitative data, and thematic analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. The findings showed that (1) there was moderate level of aggression, and family functioning while peer pressure was high level among the students. (2) According to the correlation's findings, aggression and peer pressure are significant, positive, and strongly correlated. In addition, there was a significant, negative, and weak relationship between family functioning and aggression. (3) Peer pressure accounted for 76.5% of the variance in aggression. (4) The ANOVA's results showed there was a statistically significant difference in family functioning with respect to the educational level of the mothers of the respondents. Likewise, there was a difference that was statistically significant in peer pressure with respect to the father's occupation among respondents. The results also showed that there was a difference that was statistically significant in peer pressure and aggression with respect to income. The implications of the study were discussed. Key Words: Family Functioning, Peer Pressure, Aggression, Adolescent



Family Functioning, Peer Pressure, Aggression, Adolescent