Effectiveness of monitoring and controlling for agricultural projects

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Addis Ababa University


The study was conducted in Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) to investigate the effectiveness of monitoring and control for agricultural projects. Like any projects, agricultural projects have faced challenges of completing the projects within project constraints. This is the result of not having the capability to accurately monitor and control project constraints. The objectives of this research were to determine project monitoring techniques, measurer project performance effectiveness, determine the effective uses of monitoring information for decision making and the effects of organization for effectiveness of monitoring and control of agricultural projects. Self administered questionnaires were prepared and answered by 33 and 18 respondents from MoA and EIAR respectively. 5-point Likert rating scale and Mann-Whitney model were used for the data analysis. According to the results both MoA and EIAR are used different kinds of project monitoring techniques such as questionnaire, interview, observation, case study, focus group discussion and document review. The result of the analysis revealed that the mean for overall effectiveness of agricultural projects is 3.6780. The result of the analysis discovered that agricultural project planning, implementation, information management, control, efficiency and effectiveness are greater than 3.5 except agricultural project monitoring is 3.3109. Respondents in both organizations have positive opinion for the effectiveness of agricultural projects in their organizations. The Mann-Whitney U test showed that there is a significance difference of the effectiveness of agricultural projects between MoA and EIAR at 5% error level (U = 125.000; p = 0.0001, therefore p < 0.05). EIAR (35.56) has a higher mean ranks than MoA (20.78), that mean the project effectiveness in EIAR is significantly higher than the project effectiveness in the MoA thus rejecting the null hypothesis and supporting the alternative hypothesis. Similarly, project implementation, information communication, project control and project effectiveness are significantly higher in EIAR than the MoA at 5% of error level.



Agriculture, Control, Effectiveness