The Perception on the Effect of Kana TV Dramas on Family and Family Relationships: The Case of Audiences in Addis Ababa City

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Addis Ababa University


This study was aimed at finding out the perception of Addis Ababa city audiences on the effect of Kana TV on their family and family relationship. This study was suited within the theoretical framework of Cultivation Theory, Technological Determinism and Use and Gratification theory. The study adopted mixed method approach, employing both quantitative and qualitative method. For quantitative method, survey was used as a major data gathering tool. The survey questionnaires were administered to 200 people selected through multi stage probability sampling technique. For the qualitative method, interview was conducted with ten professionals working on family matter and two families. The analysis of the data reveals that, prime time Kana TV dramas had significant viewers. Especially, women and children were found to be excessive viewers. Families with Lower economic status were also found to view Kana TV excessively in comparison to those who were from higher economic status. The study further found that, kana TV was perceived to have adverse effect on children and on viewers behavior and in their relationship with their family members and wider community as a whole. A significant relationship was also found between hours of watching Kana TV and parent’s argument with children, and children exposure to contents that are not appropriate to their age. There was perception among respondents that Kana movies exposed family members to immoral behavior, created animosity towards family members, initiated fighting in the family a result of which channel to watch and exposed them to violence due to contents of kana TV. Moreover, the movies created argument between spouses, and family members. Finally, the study found out, presence of disruptive effects of Kana TV on family members work activities either in their house or in their professional premises



effect of Kana TV on their family