First Cycle Primary School Teachers' Conception and Practice of Activelearning Methods in Awl Administra Tive Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine how active learning method of teaching has been conceived by primary school teachers and looking in to its current practice in Awi administrative zone. To accomplish the study descriptive survey method was employed. Three sample woredas were selected randomly from a total of ten woredas. The subjects in this study were teachers and principals in the first cycle primary schools. Using availability and purposive sampling techniques, teachers and principals were taken respectively from nine government first cycle primary schools. As a method of data gathering tools, questionnaire, observation, focus group discussion and interview were employed. To analyze the collected data, both quantitative (frequency, percentage, mean) and qualitative methods were on use. The result of the study revealed that teachers have relatively high understanding of active-learning method, even though, the magnitude of practicing active-learning approach is low for many problems, such as large class size, inadequacy of instructional materials, lack of school facilities and too much contents of the text books etc. The study also disclosed that teachers did not employ a variety of activelearning techniques except group work and the woreda education offices did not provide necessary support for the implementation of the method. It was then concluded that active-learning method has not be properly implemented in the sample schools, even though a considerable number of teachers do have the required understanding of the innovation. To overcome this, it is recommended that provision of sufficient instructional materials, reduction of the class size, improvement of school facilities, reduction of contents of those text books, which are bulky, provis ion of necessary support and reduction of the work load of teachers for effective implementation of active-learning for the concerned bodies to solve the problems, which are being obstacles in the implementation of activelearning method.



Practice of Activelearning Methods