Assessment of Water Service Delivery, Utilization and Customer Satisfaction at Condominium Sites in Addis Ababa: The Case of Woyra Condominium Site, Kolfe Keraneo Sub City

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In condominium houses the issue of water supply is crucial. The present study aimed to assess the water delivery, utilization and customer satisfaction at Woyra condominium site in Kolfe keranio Sub-city, Addis Ababa. A cross-sectional study was conducted from May 2021 to July 2021. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used to analyze information gathered concerning the respondents’ characteristics, water supply situation, and customers’ level of satisfaction towards the service. Moreover, information on the water delivery system, utilization and customer satisfaction has been analyzed. Among a total of 240 sample households, about the respondents’ households had a family size ranging from a single person to 9 individuals in which the majority (61.3%) of the households had a family size of 4-6 individuals. This survey revealed that the majority of the respondents, 84.1% showed their agreement on the availability of functional water pipe lines. More than half of the total respondents, 58.7%, replied that they did not agree on the availability of adequate water supply for their average daily consumption needs. The study also showed that only about 5% of the respondents were satisfied with the current water supply system to the study site. The most rated water supply challenges in the present study were insufficient water source (49.5%), increasing number of population (14.1%) and frequent water interruption (10.5%). In the focus group discussion, both the residents of the study site and the water authority officials agreed that there are opportunities to improve the water supply service. Hence, the researcher recommended appropriate intervention measures should be taken by the water authority to alleviate the challenges in supplying adequate and quality water in the study area.



Addis Ababa, challenges, Condominium housing, Satisfaction, Water supply