Internal Marketing and Customer Service Quality the Case of Ethiopian Airlines

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Addis Ababa University


Even though the growing importance of people in service sectors are supported in many literatures there are still problems where traditional approaches of managing business that mainly focus on external customer' this paper tries to find out the different element of internal marketing tools and their relationship with customer service quality. two groups were examined with two different instruments. The study targets 65 samples of customers based on their convenience and easiness to determine customer service quality they receive from Ethiopian Airlines and select 125 front-line staffs randomly to obtain there evaluation of the airline internal marketing practice .In general the result shows from the five element of internal marketing element the two exists while the other three does not. in addition correlation analysis shows that all variables of internal marketing have a significant association with customer service quality. Even if there is a strong positive correlation between IM variables and customer service quality, the regression analysis shows that only Employee training and employee pay and benefits are significant to explain the variation in customers service quality. Therefore, it is advisable for the company to take the necessary measures regarding employees’ pay and benefits to go ahead with its extensive training program and to check up on the remaining less significant internal marketing elements



Internal marketing, customer service quality