Organizational Communication in Labour-Management Conflict Prevention and Resolution: in Case of Yirgalem Addis Textile factory in Addis Ababa.

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The main objective of this research study is to investigate organizational communication in labour management and conflict in case of Yirgalem Addis Textile factory in Addis Ababa, Organizational communication is a crucial element in our lives and it is the basis for the achievement of organizational objectives. This research designis descriptive type and mixed research approach. To achieve the objectives of the study data were collected from both primary and secondary sources through questionnaire. The primary source of data was employees of the company. The data collected were analyzed, presented and interpreted by using tables, pie-chart and through percentage format. The sample for this study was obtained through random sampling. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used to obtain data from employees. Qualitative data for the study was analyzed thematically while quantitative data was analyzed using frequency and percentage. A total population of 508 employees 224 samples was taken to conduct this study. The quantitative aggregate result of findings show agree and strongly agree 14%, 18.5%,5%,26%,16.5%,36%, 10.5%,44%.5%,27%.5%,31%,41%, 26%, 18%, 16%,, 18.5%, and the aggregate result of dis agree and strongly agree16.5%,16%,61%,11.5%,6.5%,10.5%,8.5%,12.5%,1.5%, 8.5%,15%,7.5%,23%,13.5%,13.5%,23%,20%,and 15.5%the findings of study shows with the highest effect of organizational communication to prevent and resolve labour management conflict and create good working condition and working relationship in the factory of means to communicate and disprove the negative result. So Possible recommendations are given based on the findings



labour, management, conflict, prevention, resolution, organization and communication