Adoption Of Information And Communication Technology In Public Administration In Oromia Region: The Case Of Bereh And Sendafa Woredas

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Addis Ababa University


Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become a significant tool to facilitate human activity that has made contributing to the countries’ on economy and social welfare. As extant literature reveal, the application of ICTs in the public administrations is basically affected by the organizations context, technological context and environmental context factors. Purpose of this study was to identify the challenges and contextual factors that drive information and communication technology adoption in Bereh and Sendafa Woredas public administrations. To achieve objective a qualitative and quantitative approaches were conducted with a survey that focused on ICT uses, its challenges and contextual factor that drive ICT in the public administrations. The quantitative survey study was conducted on 230 respondents on both Woredas and the qualitative key informant interview. The data from both sources were combined and analyzed to get a view of the current situation. The findings show that the public administrations are mainly hindered by a group of challenges related to strategy design on ICT tools challenges for instances infrastructural, standard Internet connectivity design issues and the forces that drive the ICT adoption also ICT awareness creation among the top managers. Possible actions for management intervention are also forwarded based on the key findings



Adoption Of Information And Communication ;Oromia Region