Impact of Soft Project Management Skills on Deliverables of Project Team: Case Study of Projects of Kifiya Financial Technology

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Addis Ababa University


This study has three primary objectives of this study is to find evidence that there is relationship between soft skills and project team deliverables, examine the existence of relationship between soft project management skills and project team deliverables, and identify which of the soft skills impacting most project teams’ deliverables. To answer these questions a questionnaire was developed and disseminated among project employees of Kifiya Financial Technology. As per response obtained from project team members it was able to fit bivariate ordinal regression model and correlation analysis to see if there was relationship between soft project management skills and project team deliverables. It resulted in positive relationship but to answer the other questions multivariate regression model was used and found the coefficients to be 0.973, 2.147, 1.554, and 2.307 for leadership, conflict management, communication and team building respectively. These coefficients mean, one unit increase in the predictor result the response variable level on log-odds scale to change by its respective regression coefficient while holding other variables constant. From this model we have found that team building to have influence the most on project deliverability and leadership skill has the least influence. This study has concluded that soft project management skills have significant effect in deliverability of project team accordingly, focus should be given to in enhancing soft skills of project management and further study regarding soft project management skills incorporating additional attributes in IT industry or other should be conducted to uncover more unanswered questions.



Leadership, Conflict Management, Communication, Team Building