The Effect of Social Network Website and Communication Instruments on the Performance of Ride-Sharing Business (In Case of Some Selected Ride Companies)

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This study has estimated the effect of social networks website and communication instruments on the ridesharing business as it is based on it. The type of research design that has been undertaken in this study was explanatory. The motive of the research is to examine the effect of social network websites, communication instruments, and presently used applications on ride-sharing businesses performance. The selected approach for this research is quantitative methods. The research used both primary and secondary data type. Structured questionnaires were used to collect primary data from the ridesharing business customers and interviews for ridesharing drivers. And secondary data of the study was gathered from various sources which were relevant for the study like journal articles, the information center of the company, e-sources, library books, published thesis, and dissertations of earlier researchers all over the world that could be accessed online. Due to time, budget, and a large number of customer constraints it was difficult to manage all the target population. So, to determine the sample size from large populations the researcher used Cochran (1963) developed Equation to yield a representative sample for proportions. According to the equation, the sample size is 288 ridesharing users. In this study, the researcher used the time-location sampling technique due to the large population size to address. By using the above methods this research have explained briefly the effect on ridesharing businesses performance by social network websites, presently used application and communication instruments in general. It was found that social network website was the dominant practice in ridesharing business performance. And also the relationship among each ridesharing practice and with ridesharing business performance was positive and statistically significant. Independent variables were statistically significant in predicting the dependent variable as the p-values were less than 0.05 which p=0 and beta values of all indipendet vareabels are posetive and significant were (B=0.240), (B=0.222), and (B=0.238) for Communication instruments, social network websites, and the present used application. Key words: Social Network Website, Communication Instruments, Performance, Ride-Sharing, Business, phone Application.



Communication Instruments, Social Network Website