Assessing The Practices Of Software Development Projects: The Case Of Information Network Security Agency (INSA)

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is to assess the project management practices of software development projects in the case of Information Network Security Agency (INSA) using the ten project management knowledge areas defined by PMBOK. It is a descriptive research. Primary data collection was done by questionnaire, semi structured interview and observation; and as to secondary data; related books, articles, journals and related materials in the study organization were reviewed. For data collection purposive (judgmental) sampling is applied. The target population of the study was INSA’s project management department. A total of 20 questionnaires were distributed and an in-depth interview were conducted with 8 employees. The response rate is 100%. For the data presentation and analysis SPSS version 20 and Microsoft Excel were used. Percentages and mean were used to analyze the data obtained. Major findings of the study revealed that most of the project management knowledge areas were not practiced effectively. Project scope, time, quality, cost, risk, integration and procurement management were the major challenges and they were not effectively practiced in the projects. Whereas project stakeholders, human resource, and communication were practiced adequately but not in complete intent. Based on those major findings and the conclusions some recommendations are given which can enable the Agency to transformation to be effective and efficient in successfully deliver its projects.



Project, Management, Practices