Computer Aided Management of Construction Payment: For Clients with Multiple Building Projects

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Addis Ababa University


Regular and on-time payment is critical for the successful completion of a construction project. However, the construction industry suffers from delayed payments due to an inefficient payment certification process. Payment delays affect material delivery, labor productivity, and project progress and induce financial and subsequent time claims. This study proposed the breakdown of contract conditions into a logic that can be converted into executable codes called smart contracts that are executed on a web-based application. The system uses a centralized database to store contract data and BOQ and a backend developed using PHP that integrates smart contracts to automate and control payment management. The web-based application was then tested using the data from three building projects and was found to be accurate, effective, and efficient. Aside from creating automated payment certificates the web-based application can check bill of quantities, update advance payment and performance guarantee amount and expiry dates, identify various contract limits, and provide documentation tools. The result of the study has shown that the use of smart contracts and web-based application facilitate automation, control, and follow-up of the payment management process for clients with multiple building projects.



Web-based Application, Construction Payment Management, Payment Certificate, Smart contract