Design and Development of Multipurpose Downpipe system for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting on Institutional Building: The Case of EiABC Campus

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Water is necessary for human survival, essential to socioeconomic development and environmental wellbeing. Sufficient quantity, safe and affordable potable water is crucial for life and economic development. Urban water scarcity is one of the major problems among the problems induced by the current urbanization and rapid urban population growth. As a result, many urban centers are facing a problem in meeting their water demanded. Rainwater harvesting is becoming alternative solution to fill the gap between demand and supply. Even though, rainwater is naturally the purest form of water on our planets, its quality and quantity degrades due to debris and other pollutants on the potential catchment area. This research aimed to improve the quality and quantity of rooftop rainwater harvesting based on study made on all 34 buildings having corrugated iron sheet roofing in EiABC campus. Data of gutter system and downpipe collected by direct measuring and debris from gutter system collected and analyzed using sieve analysis in the laboratory. Based on these study, integrated nature based debris strainer is developed and tested on urban building of EiABC. Compared to the raw water before the device, the laboratory test result has shown that TSS, TDS, and turbidity has shown remarkable difference by 72.17%, 28.43% and 59.1%, respectively. Simultaneously, the multipurpose integrated rain chain system improve the building façade quality. Since rainwater, resource within the campus is still safe for outdoor use and bridge the gap of water supply. Institutions should have to expand this practice to cover their 70% of water demand and reduce water supply pressure on municipal supply. Key words: , ,,


The thesis is summited to Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development /EiABC/ and to school of graduate studies Addis Ababa University in the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Urban Design and Development


Water -supply, debris strainer, rain chain, nature-based solution